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The Energy Economy. Why its not about money

I read a lovely article, about how the economy should not be seen as a monetary one, but an energy one. Its right of course. What has powered the industrial revolution ? Its not money, it is energy. If you want to appreciate how much power there is an a gallon a petrol, fill the… Read More »

Shales could be deeper than Marcellas

There have been a number of wells drilled in the UK over the years, very few for Shale Gas, but the cores are still useful when it comes to helping assess where we might find shale, and how much is there. And it seems like with every new hole, the estimates are getting higher. The… Read More »

Imagine a Town with its own Gas well

What are these nimbies thinking about? The more I look into the exciting opportunities of Shale Gas, the more exciting it seems to be. Bear with me. A theme is growing here. There are a few things to fall into place first, like the shales have to have a high enough level of biomass so… Read More »

How to investing in Fracking

Some thoughts on how to make the most of Fracking in the UK. Introduction – A boom Coming? Much has been said, and written, in the media about the risks (real or not) associated with fracking as a method to extract hydrocarbons from shale rock. However, given the backing by the UK Government and the… Read More »

Fracking in Yorkshire

It is a bit of a side effect of democracy, that leads a company to pay millions of pounds to the Treasury for the licence to frack, only to find that they are thwarted by local planners who decide that they cannot. This seems to what is happening everywhere, and both Cuadrilla and Third Energy… Read More »

UK Onshore Gas

Here are the main companies exploring onshore UK. This is not an exhaustive list, but something we will be building on, adding information about where they are working, Capital available, and other useful details in this business. Celtique Energie Alkane Rathlin Energy Cuadrilla Resources Europa Oil Egdon Resources Igas Plc Magellan Petroleum Sonorex Third EnergyNorthpet… Read More »